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1. Overview of cold rolled rebar

Cold-rolled rebar is a kind of steel with two-sided or three-sided crescent shape formed by hot-rolling wire rod after multiple cold-rolling reduction, one pressing rib and eliminating internal stress. Cold-rolled rebar is a new generation of cold-drawn low-carbon steel wire in prestressed concrete members. In the cast-in-place concrete structure, it can replace I grade steel bars to save steel, which is a better one of similar cold-worked steels. Kind.

By this production line of products, which extension A11.3 12%, than the national standard of A11.3 ≥ 8%, increase 50%, Agt increased by 1 than the standard, 100Mpa tensile strength is increased, more bondability The hot-rolled steel bar is increased by 4~5 times, and the product performance is improved. Compared with the I-class, it can save 40%~50% of the steel and save the cement 50~70Kg .

Continuous rolling, double the production efficiency, automatic, continuous and high-speed operation of the entire production line. Equipment operating rate, production operation rate, roll replacement efficiency, and input-output ratio have all reached international advanced levels.

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2. Working principle of cold rolled rebar equipment

Cold-rolled rebar equipment is a device that uses cold work to form ribs on the outer surface of a steel bar. The material is stretched beyond the yield limit d , and then gradually unloaded to achieve cold deformation of the steel disk circle. When the material is again loaded beyond the yield limit d , the material will not be deformed and the material is improved. The ratio of the limit. This property of materials is often used in engineering to increase the scale limit. For heavy steel ropes and steel bars for construction, cold drawing and cold rolling processes are often used to increase strength. The ribs on both sides of the steel disk circle will have a good stress dispersion effect, which can increase the stability of the material and resist the plastic deformation during loading. Foreign aero-engines have many criss-crossing ribs on the surface, which plays such a role.

3 , equipment structure, process, layout method

The rolling mill adopts the main and passive one-rolling and one-rolling type to realize two rolling forming, which solves the problem that the speed of the four rolls of your rolling mill is difficult to match, makes the equipment run stably, the product quality is stable, and through the numerical control medium frequency heating, the numerical control fly Shearing, fully automatic turning machine technology, making it a complete cold rolling new job. Significantly improved product quality.

Before the rolling, the shelling technology is adopted to remove the scale, so that the bonding strength between the steel and the concrete is greatly improved. The rolling mill adopts the self-locking method of the roll to solve the vibration caused by the gap between the roll and the base, and causes the problem that the roll is abnormally broken, disassembled and installed, and the effective length of the roll body is increased. The multi-purpose machine does not need to replace the roll. Production of 6 to 8 specifications (Ф 5.5mm~ Ф 12mm ). The linear guide rail, the guide seat and the booster guide wheel device are used to change the traditional passive guide position with good stability. This machine adopts PLC programming control, soft start technology, frequency conversion technology, servo control technology, photoelectric induction technology, numerical control technology and other international advanced technologies to reach the world advanced level.

Fourth, the advantages of cold-rolled rebar equipment

   1. High steel strength can save construction steel and reduce construction cost. CRB550 stage cold rolled steel compared to plain bars for cast structures (particularly the roof floor) can save 35% ─ 40% steel. If you consider not using hooks, steel savings will be more. According to the current steel market price, each ton of cold-rolled rebar can save about 800 yuan in steel costs .

   2. The bond-bonding performance between cold-rolled rebar and concrete is good. Therefore, in the component, the phenomenon that the anchorage zone of the component is cracked and the steel wire slips and breaks is fundamentally eliminated, and the bearing capacity and crack resistance of the end portion of the component are improved; in the reinforced concrete structure, the crack width is also smaller than the light circle. Steel bars are even smaller than hot rolled reinforced bars.

   3. The elongation of cold-rolled rebar is larger than that of similar cold-worked steel.

Five, cold rolling rebar selection method table



Technical Parameters

Technical parameter





raw material

Raw material



Hot rolled round

Hot rolled wire rod

Roll diameter

Roller diameter



Special alloy

Dedicated alloy





Frequency control motor

Herringbone gear

Gear center distance

Gear center distance



Herringbone gear

Herringbone gear

Rolling speed

Rolling line speed



Cutting length

Sheared length



Flying shear motor

Flying Shear motor



Product specifications

Product specification



Hot rolled two-ribbed steel bar

Hot rolled steel bar with two ribs




T/ class



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