Cold rolled rebar annealing equipment

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The overview model: SDGJ-100KW

Application: Heating and annealing metal materials , such as steel tube drawing , bending , wire , steel wire heating , annealing of stainless steel products , stretching , expansion , stress and so on. Of course, heat treatment such as heating, tempering, and the like may be performed on the bar, the steel pipe, the iron wire, the steel wire.


The performance characteristics of cold rolled rebar annealing equipment:  
1. Cold rolled rebar annealing equipment adopts MOSFET , IGBT power device and unique frequency conversion technology to ensure stable operation and provide higher reliability and durability. 
2 , under the same conditions, it has twice the power saving than the traditional tube heating equipment, and has the effect of “ small material and large use ” to achieve twice the result with half the effort, while reducing the power load and power capacity, saving you money. 
3 , constant current and constant power control function, greatly optimize the metal heating process, achieve efficient and rapid heating, product superiority has been greatly exerted. 
4 , 100% full load design, can work 24 hours a day. 
5 , cold rolling rebar annealing equipment can select the power according to power and frequency, the higher the frequency, the shallower the heating depth, the lower the frequency, the better the heat permeability. 
6. Heating - insulation - cooling three-stage time function setting is beneficial to improve heating quality and heating cycle and simplify manual operation. 
The unique advantages of cold rolled rebar annealing equipment:  
1. The fastest heating speed of the cold-rolled rebar annealing equipment is less than 1 second, and the heating speed can be adjusted and controlled. 
2 , the thermal efficiency of more than 95% , and thus other energy-saving methods (such as gas, oxygen, acetylene, coking coal, electric furnace, high-frequency tube, etc.) are energy-saving. 
3. The surface of the workpiece is heated evenly, and the temperature rises quickly, which reduces the degree of deformation of the oxide layer and the workpiece on the surface of the workpiece. 
4 , CNC type design, the whole machine does not need to be debugged, installation and operation is very convenient, you can learn in 5 minutes. 
5 , no noise, pollution and open flame, it is easier to meet the requirements of environmental protection and fire protection. 
6. The device has an automatic setting function, and the operation can be completed by one person, thereby reducing the number of processes and improving efficiency. 
7. Heatable metal workpieces. (Induction loops are made according to the shape of the workpiece) 
8. Cold-rolled rebar annealing equipment is small in size, light in weight, and takes up less than half a cubic space, making it easy to move and move.

The production process of cold rolled rebar .

Cold rolled rebar is usually rolled. The manufacturing process generally includes raw material preparation, rolling, annealing (heat treatment), and finishing processes.

1. Preparation of cold-rolled rebar raw materials: Cold-rolled steel bars are made of hot-rolled coiled round products, and the raw materials are dephosphorized to ensure the surface of the cold-rolled products is clean.

2. The rolling process of cold-rolled rebar is the main process of deforming the material.

3. The annealing process of cold-rolled rebar includes intermediate annealing and finished heat treatment. The intermediate annealing is to re-crystallize the crystal hardening generated during cold deformation to restore the plasticity of the material and reduce the deformation resistance of the metal.

4. The finishing process of cold-rolled rebar includes inspection, shearing, straightening, and bundling.

The production process of cold-rolled rebar is the above. Our company provides you with the equipment needed for different processes and a complete set of cold-rolled rebar production lines.

Application of cold-rolled steel production line index, the cold-rolled steel equipment both sides of the rolled plate element Ф12 cold rolled steel machined into a threaded (product specifications Ф5, Ф7, Ф9, Ф11) , then by high-frequency heating treatment, The steel bars are rendered black and bright, and the physical properties of the steel bars are also changed. The tensile strength reaches 560-565 MPa, and the quality of the steel bars exceeds the three-grade steel standard.

 Experimental data verification of cold rolled rebar annealing equipment

Cold-rolled rebar strong rolling on-line heat treatment production line equipment: using ordinary carbon steel plate as the base material, through intensive rolling on-line induction stabilization treatment, controlling flying shears and other processes. The performance indexes of the produced steel bars such as tensile strength, yield strength and elongation reach the level of the third grade steel, that is, the HRB400 steel bar. According to the strength substitution principle of material mechanics, it can completely replace the grade III steel. The appearance is bright and blue, with a layer of dense rust-proof layer, and the ribs are clear and full. Its performance has been significantly improved, shockproof and tensile.

  In order to facilitate the user to use according to their own conditions (rolling steel bar diameter, daily output, power transformer capacity, etc.), after a lot of experimental data verification, the line speed is as follows (can be satisfied):

First, the production of steel bars below 8mm : hourly output: 1.5 tons, steel wire speed is 60 m / min; hourly output: 2 tons; steel wire speed is 90 m / min; hourly output: 3 tons of steel wire speed is 120 m / min (the combination of different heating modules is used to achieve the line speed output value);

Second, the production of steel below 9mm : hourly output: 3 tons, steel line speed is 60 m / min; hourly output: 3.2 tons, steel line speed is 120 m / min; hourly output: 4.8 tons, steel line speed is 120 m / min (the combination of different heating modules can meet the output value of different production line speed) Cold-rolled rebar heating equipment - is a new type of cold rolling mill equipment for processing steel bars. The production line has a descaling machine, a cold rolling mill, and a hard alloy roll, which is cold-rolled. After the low temperature quenching and tempering treatment, the color of the steel bar is black and shiny. The tensile strength reaches 565-560 MPa. Tested by the National Resilience Quality Supervision Bureau exceeded the three-grade steel standard. The " two-ribbed steel bars " produced have the effects of tensile, seismic and corrosion resistance.

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