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MPU-2 thyristor intermediate frequency furnace control board

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MPU-2 control board price is 700RMB

MPU-2 constant power thyristor intermediate frequency power supply control board is a new type of control trigger board developed on the basis of MPU-1. Mainly composed of power supply, regulator, phase shift control circuit, protection circuit, start-up calculation circuit, inverter frequency tracking, inverter pulse formation, pulse amplification and pulse transformer. Its core components use high-performance, high-density, ultra-large-scale dedicated MPU integrated circuits, so that its circuit is digital except for the regulator, the rectifier trigger part does not need any adjustment, and the reliability is high, the pulse symmetry is high, Strong anti-interference ability, fast response, etc., and because there is phase-phase adaptive circuit, no synchronous transformer is needed. Therefore, phase adjustment and phase synchronization are eliminated in the field debugging. Only the gate line of KP thyristor is needed. The rectification section can be put into operation on the corresponding terminal of the access control board.


The inverter adopts the sweeping zero-voltage soft start mode, and the starting performance is better than the ordinary zero-voltage soft start circuit. It also has an automatic repeating start circuit to prevent occasional startup failure of the intermediate frequency power supply, so that the startup success rate reaches 100%. The frequency tracking circuit adopts the average sampling scheme, which improves the anti-interference ability of the inverter, and only needs to sample the intermediate frequency voltage signal without the current signal of the tank capacitor, eliminating the external intermediate frequency current transformer and determining the sampling current phase. The troubles. Therefore, in the debugging and use field, there is no problem that the intermediate frequency power supply cannot be started because the phase of the intermediate frequency output line or the sampling current transformer is reversed.

The inverter circuit is also equipped with an inverter angle adjustment circuit, which can automatically adjust the load impedance matching to achieve constant power output, and can be made into a "fast melting" intermediate frequency power supply, which can achieve time saving, power saving, and increase the power factor of the grid side. Purpose (this feature can also be sent). The main circuits of the inverter part are inside the MPU large-scale integrated circuit, which is also a digital circuit.

The MPU-6 control board has only 8 integrated circuits, 4 transistors, 6 trimmer potentiometers, and 33 lead terminals. It is very convenient to install and is suitable for various thyristor parallel resonant intermediate frequency power supplies.

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