Copper Tube Induction Heating Continuous Annealing Furnace

Introduce:Copper tube induction heating continuous annealing furnace is often used for copper round rod heating annealing,providing copper tube induction heating continuous annealing furnace composition selection method, copper tube induction heating continuous annealing furnace body structure selection,copper tube induction heating continuous annealing furnace power supply Power selection method,selection method of copper tube induction heating continuous annealing furnace parameters.
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Process flow: the discharge basket is in place—the copper tube passes through the nesting roller to the front pinch mechanism through the loop detection mechanism — cleaning the outer wall—blowing dry—horizontal straightening—vertical straightening—vertical pinch—induction heating—insulation— Quenching and cooling - blow drying - pinch tensioning mechanism - receiving


Selection of main technical parameters of copper tube induction heating continuous annealing furnace

Serial number





Heating material              

Copper and copper alloy


Annealed pipe outer diameter



Maximum wall thickness



Annealing speed              



IF power total power              



Tube maximum annealing temperature

550 ° C


Normal annealing temperature of pipe

400-450 ° C


Basket specifications              



Maximum material weight              



Maximum rewinding and reeling drive capability:

2000kg (+ pocket copper pipe)


Annealing copper tube quality standards:

Conforms to current national standards


Retracting roller              

Two stations


Control the total power of the power supply             

9 0kW


Total installed power of the unit

900 kw


Total weight of equipment              



Hydraulic system pressure



Hydraulic system flow              



Compressed air pressure



Compressed gas dosage



Nitrogen pressure              


twenty one

Nitrogen flow                            


twenty two

Power closed loop cooling tower

twenty three

Open loop cooling tower

twenty four

Floor area


Unit width 12620mm

The center of the unit is 1100mm high

Total length of the unit 27050               Mm

The total height of the unit is 2200mm

Retracting center distance 24000 mm


Total installed capacity ( 1000 kW)

Furnace type

IF power total power

Total motor power

Control power supply

total capacity

TL400/×4 0 0

2×4 0 0



9 00


The main technical specifications of the copper tube induction heating continuous annealing furnace (referred to as annealing furnace) are as follows:


Specification code


Maximum annealing speed (m/min)


Intermediate frequency power supply nominal power (kW)


Annealed pipe maximum outer diameter (mm)


Annealed pipe minimum outer diameter (mm)


Tube maximum annealing temperature (°C)


Normal annealing temperature of pipe (°C)


Fourth, the scope of supply and price

Serial number

Name and model


Unit price (million)




Discharge mechanism

1 set

Active unwinder discharge motor AC5.5KW


Folder host

1 set


Cleaning device

1 set


Horizontal straightening machine

1 set

Straightening motor AC30KW


Vertical straightening machine

1 set


Length gauge device

1 set


SCR intermediate frequency power supply

2 sets

400KW / 6KHZ nitrogen protection system


Quenching and cooling blow dryer

1 set


Tensioning mechanism

1 set


Traction device

1 set


Pre-bending mechanism

1 set


Receiving device

2 sets

Receiving motor AC5.5KW


Straightening mechanism hydraulic system

1 set



Straightening mechanism electronic control system

1 set

Low voltage distribution cabinet and PLC control


Closed loop cooling tower

1 set

ZXZ-N20 / 40T medium frequency power supply


Open cooling tower

1 set

K-100T quenching cooling device


Cooling line and valve

1 set

All cooling lines


Cable wiring and piping

1 set

All lines and cables


Computer control core

1 set

Industrial computer control and monitoring


Temperature measurement system

1 set


Transportation costs


Commissioning installation costs

Introduction of mechanical equipment for copper tube induction heating continuous annealing furnace

The unit consists of unwinding machine, unwinding looper, horizontal pinch feeding roller, cleaning device, straightening device, traction mechanism, pre-bending device, receiving device and electronic control system.

1. Power unwinding machine: It consists of motor, reducer, frame, tray and brake device. The high-material frame of the Φ3050X800mm (1500 mm) disc puller is allowed to be placed on the tray, and the coiled tubing is used as the raw material of the wound pipe.

Unwinding motor: AC change Y112M-4 5.5KW 1440r/min.

2. Unwinding looper: consisting of bracket, support arm, idler, vertical roller, swing arm and other components. It supports the pipe to a certain height through the roller, guides the pipe by the vertical roller, and smoothly introduces the horizontal pinch from the tray. Pair of rolls. The rotation speed of the unwinding disc is the swing angle of the swing arm, and the swing ratio is amplified by a pair of gears, input into the computer system, the frequency is adjusted, and the rotational speed of the turntable is controlled to achieve the synchronization of the whole machine speed. The torsion spring is used to control the swing angle and adjust the torsion spring force according to the diameter of the pipe.

3. Horizontal pinch-to-roller: Two pairs of horizontal pinch rolls are used to feed the pipe into the cleaning device, and both pairs of pinch rolls are driven passively.

4. Cleaning device: mainly for cleaning the surface of the tube blank and dust, the cleaning medium is the surface cleaning agent of the copper tube , and is directly supplied by the cleaning pump station. The entire cleaning process is fully enclosed.

5. Straightening device: consists of a vertical straightener and a horizontal straightener, which work together to straighten the copper tube . The vertical and horizontal straightening machines are all nine-roller active straightening, four-roller stipulation, and the five-roller can be adjusted by hand wheel alone.

6. Traction mechanism: transmission through the crawler type.

7. Receiving device: consists of turning mechanism, beam, material frame and so on. After the tube blank is sawn off, the rear feed roller accelerates the tube blank to the turning mechanism, the length of the discharge roller path is greater than 4 m, and then the finished tube is turned into the adjacent material frame.

8. Electronic control system: It adopts PLC centralized control, adopts AC frequency conversion technology to control the start, stop, acceleration and deceleration of discharge and feeding motor, AC servo system and relay control system control. The electronic control system consists of an electric control cabinet, an operation console and an operation box.

9. Hydraulic system: Mainly used for lifting cylinders of the winding table.

10. The water cooling section: passing through the cooling spray cooling and immersion cooling section two brass is cooled to room temperature, the brass can be controlled by adjusting the temperature of the cooling tank into the water, the optimal temperature is 60 ~ 80 ℃ .

11. The direction of the pay-off reel is: clockwise to take the line, the take-up reel takes the line direction: counterclockwise to take the line.

Sixth, the introduction of the intermediate frequency heating furnace :              

This heating device is designed by our company for on- line annealing of copper tubes . For the characteristics of continuous heating during heating and the workpiece being heated is copper , special design should be made for the parameters of power supply and inductor in system design. , the entire system usestwo sets of 400KW / 6KHZ heating power, an external inductor to copper mass produced closure housing, filled protective gas (nitrogen) to prevent oxidation of the brass heating, this system has the following characteristics:

1.1 The intermediate frequency power supply is 400KW / 6KHz. Due to the high power and high frequency, the power supply design has some special requirements. These will be detailed in the description of the power supply.

1.2 The intermediate frequency power supply and the sensor adopt the closed-loop cooling tower cooling mode , which makes the equipment small in size and easy to install.

1.3 Automatic continuous production, the production speed can be automatically adjusted according to different workpiece parameters.

1.4 The production line transmission raceway adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, and computer control can realize closed-loop control of temperature, speed and power.

2, the system equipment operation scheme:

2.1 System Power selection:

Heating power in accordance with your request selected 400m / min, the choice of 400KW.

The choice of 2. 2 program:

According to the heating condition, the characteristics of the equipment used for heating in the fast operation, because the heating speed of the induction heating is too fast, there is no heat preservation process, thus affecting the refinement process of the copper tube grain structure, so the system adopts pulse type segmentation continuous The heating method is suitable for continuous heating. It is the most advanced heating method in foreign countries. This heating method can make the copper pipe have a short-term heat preservation process in the non-furnace part. The annealing process of the copper tubeensures the refinement process of the grain structure, so that the internal crystal grains are fine and balanced, so that the copper tube can be annealed to meet the processing requirements of your company. At the same time, the heated copper tube in the heating furnace does not cause an excessive temperature difference in the axial direction, so that the micro crack caused by the thermal stress can be overcome in some procedures.

2.3 heating device configuration and process implementation:

The required power supply 400KW / 6KHZ is used to supply power to the two heating furnaces. The two heating furnaces heat the copper pipes . After each furnace body is heated rapidly by the copper pipe , after a short period of heat preservation process, the process is no heating process, to prevent the induction furnace into the next station down the copper tube can not be aligned, positioned intermediate a mechanical roller means; heating process to prevent oxidation of the copper tube, the two-bit portion of the furnace and charged with a guide In the sealed outer casing, inert gas is introduced into it; the length of each furnace body is 400MM, the distance between the mechanical roller device and the furnace body is 20mm on one side, and the total length of the furnace body is 800MM. Considering the space occupied by the outer casing The total length of the heating portion needs to be 1200 MM.

The two furnace bodies and a set of mechanical roller device bases are fixed on the same furnace body base. The outer shell of the furnace body is a hard copper alloy, which can simultaneously protect the gas sealing and magnetic shielding, so that the frame, the roller, etc. It is not heated by magnetic flux leakage; the shell of the furnace body is designed to be detachable, which provides convenience for the inspection of the furnace body and the replacement of the mechanical roller device.


             Schematic diagram of part of the furnace body (Figure 1)


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