Tungsten-molybdenum intermediate frequency sintering furnace

Introduce:Main selection parameters of tungsten-molybdenum intermediate frequency sintering furnace , composition of tungsten-molybdenum intermediate frequency sintering furnace , description of sintering furnace , heating element using tungsten- rhenium heating element , medium frequency sintering furnace manufacturer
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Tungsten-molybdenum intermediate frequency sintering furnace

The tungsten-molybdenum intermediate frequency sintering furnace is mainly composed of a thyristor intermediate frequency power supply, a hydrogen sintering furnace and an automatic temperature control system . The composition of each part is as follows:

The thyristor intermediate frequency power supply consists of KGPS-350/2.5 350KW 2.5KHz power supply cabinet, electric heating capacitor cabinet, connecting copper bars and engine mechanism;

The sintering furnace is composed of a tank body, an inductor, an alumina, a zirconia refractory material, an open return water tank, a hydrogen / nitrogen flow regulating valve control board, and a furnace body gantry;

The temperature automatic control system is measured by the Wre5-26 thermocouple, controlled by a temperature regulator, and recorded by the recorder. The entire control system is installed on a cabinet-operated console for control. The detailed configuration is as follows :




1 , medium frequency power supply KGPF350KW/2.5               1 set              

2, an IF stage resonant capacitor banks              

3 , sensor               1 set              

4 , sintering furnace body               1 set              

5, the inductor and capacitor connected between the copper and the engine mechanism 1 set              

6 , Wre5-26 thermocouple 1 set              

7, PID temperature control instrument 2              

8, infrared thermometer Taiwan

9 , return water tank (with water temperature test table) 1 set              

10 , 1 set of cables, copper bars, etc. required for connection between various devices              

11 , refractory materials 1 set

12 , gantry               1 set              

13 , flow switching valve plate                 1 set              

14 , paperless recorder               1 set              

15 , the operating cabinet               1 set              

Main selection parameters of tungsten-molybdenum intermediate frequency sintering furnace

Maximum use size: diameter φ 560 mm height 1200mm thickness

Sintering maximum temperature: not less than 2200 °C

Temperature control accuracy: ± 10 °C

Rated power : 350KW

Working frequency: 2500Hz

Automatic temperature measurement, display, automatic recording

Hydrogen protection in the furnace, adjustable flow outlet, slag discharge

With overcurrent, overvoltage, phase loss, insufficient water pressure, over temperature, power failure protection

List of main components of tungsten-molybdenum intermediate frequency sintering furnace:

According to the 350KW , 2500Hz intermediate frequency power supply, select the following components:

Rectifier thyristor KP800A/1200V Xiangfan Instrument Component Factory

Inverter thyristor KK800A/1600V ; Xiangfan Instrument Component Factory

Automatic air switch DZ20-1000A ; Huanyu Electric

Fast fuse 800A/500V ; Long Shen Company

Control Board Fifth Generation Full Digital Programmable Logic Array Control Board

Power cabinet GGD type front and rear double door structure,

Electric Capacitor RFM2-0.75-1000-2.5S Zhejiang Xin'anjiang Power Capacitor Co., Ltd.

Tungsten-rhenium thermocouple 0- 22 00 °C

9. infrared thermometer Femtosecond Optoelectronics Technology (Xi'an) Co., Ltd.

10. Instrument control components:

10.1. Paperless Recorder

10.2.ID temperature adjustment instrument FP21-1 (4)I006

Technical description of tungsten-molybdenum intermediate frequency sintering furnace

1. SCR intermediate frequency power supply: Its main features should meet the following requirements:

Control system is fully digital, no relay control

The control system uses ISP programmable logic array template integrated control.

1.2 Unique scanning start mode with 100% startup success rate

High reliability and high stability

1.4 power supply constant power output, guarantee high power factor

1.5 perfect and reliable protection

The control circuit shall be provided with various protection measures such as overcurrent, intermediate frequency voltage overvoltage, phase loss, undervoltage of the control circuit board, low cooling water pressure, and high cooling water temperature, and corresponding sound and light alarms are given.

Advanced phase sequence self-identification

The control system contains a phase sequence self-identification circuit, and the incoming three-phase power supply can be arbitrarily connected.

1.7 Temperature closed loop control interface :

    The power supply is provided with a temperature outer loop control interface, combined with an external PLC , an infrared thermometer or a thermocouple and a PID temperature control instrument, which can conveniently realize a temperature and power closed-loop control system, so that the heating temperature of the workpiece is automatically adjusted to the instrument setting. Calculated value.

1.8 reliable and safe overall silicon frame installation form

1.9 use GGD cabinet

    GGD-type enclosure with a combination of cold-formed unit cabinet, all of the conductive contact surfaces of the internal frequency power supply connected to bright tin plated copper full length of 10-15 μ m.

1. 10 Each water temperature detection function automatically stops when a failure occurs.

1. 11 It has an external shutdown interface and stops when the interface is closed.

2. Sensor coil

2.1 In order to reduce the tank current and reduce the loss of the inductor, the induction coil is designed to be boosted.

2.2 The outlet engine is only two.

2.3 The coil column is insulated by a porcelain bottle between the grooved stainless steel column and the coil.

2.4 The surface of the coil is sprayed with an itching resin to prevent the deposition of metal dust and improve the insulation strength.

2.6 After winding the hydrostatic test 0.6MPa / 30min, ensuring watertight coil.

3. Control system and operation cabinet

Operation panel is mainly used for electrical operation and control of the sintering furnace, the temperature control of the recording.

3.1 The operation cabinet adopts a vertical structure, and the operation cabinet is a front and rear door opening structure. Flanking a small hole, so that the infrared, thermocouple and signal cables into the associated frequency power supply leads.

3.2 The cabinet is equipped with terminal block (including spare terminal), air switch, switching power supply and other components. The switching regulator power supply is ± 12VDC , which is used to supply power to the infrared thermometer. And there is a two-phase power socket for the maintenance staff to work.

3.3 The mesa is equipped with four intermediate frequency indication tables of intermediate frequency voltage, DC voltage, DC current and intermediate frequency power.

3.4 Temperature measurement is measured and controlled by thermocouple and infrared:

3.4.1. Infrared meter:

The infrared detector is placed on the three-dimensional adjustable mounting bracket, the signal processing unit is installed near the furnace cover, and the signal unit and the operation console are connected by a shielded cable.

3.5. The recorder adopts the latest generation of paperless recorder . 3.6. Switch and indicator: The switch and indicator on the console display and execute faults respectively, automatic / hand   

Dynamic, thermocouple / infrared, control switch, medium frequency start and stop, power adjustment and other functions.

3.7 PID temperature control instrument: This machine selects two types of PID temperature control instruments with the same function . It is FP21 type of SHIMADEN CO. , LTD . One of them is used for thermocouple temperature control, and the other one. Used for infrared temperature control.

4 , sintering furnace body

Furnace body: two layers inside and outside, the outer layer is welded by 10mm thick 16Mn welding material. 8mm thick inner layer is welded 1Cr18Ni9Ti, increased reinforcing bars, to prevent excessive water pressure furnace liner deformed inner and outer layers, middle and bottom.Internally welded with folding pedals: arranged in two layers of misalignment , which can be used by workers for loading and unloading. Due to the high squat, the pedals are arranged in two layers, with three foot pedals on each floor and the lower layer for workers to take the upper layer. The material is used, and the lower layer is used by the worker to take the lower layer. After use, fold the foot pedal to prevent it from being heated by the sensor.

5 , work bench:

Gantry work surface height from the ground 1. 8 M, from the height of the furnace opening 0.6M, 2.9M overall height. Fenced outside, the middle set Buti, Buti worktop surface and the tread plate is made of non-slip. A hydrogen and nitrogen control box is arranged on the side of the step ladder, and a rotor flow meter and a gas switching valve are arranged inside to switch the gas and adjust the flow rate. The gantry is made detachable and separated along the diameter of the furnace body, and the furnace body is placed. Once in place, close the stand and tighten with bolts.

6 , heating body

    The tungsten crucible heating element is used to heat the tungsten crucible by induction heating, and then the material to be heated is heated.

This set of equipment has a tungsten crucible size of φ 560 × 1200 . Wall thickness:

7 , refractory materials

The refractory material between the inductor and the tungsten crucible consists of aluminum oxide and zirconium oxide.



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