250kw medium frequency induction heating equipment

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250kw medium frequency induction heating equipment

Model : GS-ZP-250

Application : 1. Dielectric forging of round steel with a diameter of less than 100mm . 2 , Φ 400mm discs, Φ 150mm or less shaft quenching. 3. The machine guide rail is quenched. 4 , quenching treatment of auto parts and motorcycle parts. 5 , heat treatment of workpieces such as pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers, axes, etc.


250kw medium frequency induction heating equipment works:  
The 250kw medium frequency induction heating device adopts the principle of electromagnetic induction heating. The alternating magnetic field generated by the inductor generates the induced current of the same frequency, and the distribution of the induced current in the workpiece is uneven, so that the surface of the workpiece is weak inside, and the core is close to 0. In order to achieve the purpose of heating. 
Technical parameters of 250kw medium frequency induction heating equipment:  



input power


Maximum input current


Operating Voltage


Oscillating frequency


Inlet water pressure


Host volume


Extension volume


Water temperature protection point

50 ° C

body color

Gray + white

250kw medium frequency induction heating equipment performance characteristics: 
1. The heating temperature is high and it is non-contact heating; 
2. The heating speed is fast - the surface of the heated workpiece has less oxide layer and the workpiece has less deformation; 
3. High heating efficiency - energy saving; 
4. The temperature is easy to control - the product quality is stable; 
5. Easy to operate and easy to achieve automatic control - save labor and save labor; 
6. Environmental protection environment is good - almost no heat, noise, dust, etc.; 
7. Less work space - high production efficiency; 
8. Can be locally heated - good product quality and energy saving; 
9. It can heat a wide variety of workpieces and is suitable for a wide range of applications; 
10.250kw medium frequency induction heating equipment can quickly heat the secondary deformation workpiece at any time to meet the process requirements.  
250kw medium frequency induction heating equipment is widely used: 
1. Welding of diamond tools and carbide tools; 
2 , metal materials quenching, annealing, quenching and tempering and other heat treatment; 
3. Hot forging and thermoforming of metal; 
4 , powder metallurgy sintering and metal melting; 
5. Welding of various metal steel - steel, steel - copper, copper - copper equivalent metals or dissimilar metals; 
6. Other plants that need to heat the metal; 
7. Curing of the organic coating; 
8. Heating and stretching of single crystal silicon;


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