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Introduce:Steel tube heat treatment equipment is suitable for steel tube,round tube, round rod heating quenching and tempering, providing steel tube heat treatment equipment composition selection method, steel tube heat treatment equipment furnace structure selection, steel tube heat treatment equipment power supply selection method, steel tube heat treatment equipment parameters Method of choosing.
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Equipment Name: Steel Pipe Heat Treatment Equipment 
Workpiece material: carbon steel alloy steel 
Workpiece size: Φ20~Φ160mm

Workpiece length: 2-20m 
Power range: 1 6 0 - 1 000KW 
Closed-loop temperature control: US Leitai two-color thermometer to control temperature 
Control system: PLC human-machine interface automatic intelligent control

Steel pipe heat treatment equipment , can handle specifications Φ 20 ~ Φ 160mm. There are five sets of coils in the whole line, which are controlled by multiple zones by five independently independent variable frequency modules. The last group in each zone is used as a holding zone for better austenitizing effects. The grinding rod cooling system is water-cooled and consists of five quenching water rings and a linear cutting nozzle. The whole process of quenching and tempering of the grinding rod is continuously transmitted by the continuous inclined roller road, and the grinding rod advances by rotation, which can ensure the uniformity of heating and cooling of the grinding rod and obtain better flatness.

 the composition of steel pipe heat treatment equipment :

1. Feeding mechanism and discharging mechanism

2, the conveyor roller (the workpiece rotates on one side, the average speed feeds on one side, and the operation is stable, the speed is adjustable, the heating is more uniform)

3. Quenching induction heating system

4, quenching spray system

5, tempering induction heating system

6, PLC main console (including frequency control and temperature control, Huayan IPC, remote start, etc.) its role is to operate the entire quenching and tempering equipment directly on the center console, only one person can operate the steel pipe Quenching and tempering production line saves labor and saves costs.

7, quenching medium frequency power supply range: KGPS / IGBT   160-1300KW

8, tempering intermediate frequency power supply range: KGPS / IGBT   160-750KW


 the steel pipe heat treatment equipment control system description:


The main console adopts German Siemens PLC and Taiwan Huayan industrial control system as the core control part, which automatically matches and adjusts the whole system mechanical operation parameters, quenching and tempering parameters, power supply, etc., and displays, stores and prints various parameters. And other functions.

1. Recipe management function:

The powerful formula management system automatically inputs the relevant parameters after inputting the steel grade, pipe diameter and wall thickness parameters to be produced, without having to manually record, consult and input the parameter values required for various workpieces.

2. History curve function:

The PLC master console displays the traceable process history curve (standard on the industrial computer system), accurate to 0.1 second recording accuracy, and vividly and accurately reproduces the processing temperature trend graph of a single product. Up to 1T of capacity storage space, permanently storing all product process records for decades.

3. History:

   Traceable process data table, which can take multiple sets of sampling points on each product to accurately reproduce the processing temperature values of each segment of a single product. The touch screen system is completely free of storage space and permanently stores all product process records for decades.


the main purpose of steel pipe heat treatment equipment

Engineering Machinery: quenched and tempered steel, steel bar, rod quenching and tempering heat treatment;

Oil Machinery: rod, geological drill pipe, drill collars quenching and tempering heat treatment;

Coal mine machinery: quenching and tempering treatment of monomer pillars, suspension pillars, metal roof beams, etc.;  

Quenching and tempering technology for pipe / bar quenching and tempering treatment has many significant advantages, mainly as follows:

1. It is used for single-line processing of pipes /bars. It is very fast and flexible. The whole line can be emptied and adjusted for the next batch of materials in a few minutes, with the shortest downtime;

2. All sizes of tubes/bars can achieve the same processing efficiency;

3. Consistency of extremely high hardness and uniformity of microstructure;

4, extremely high toughness and impact strength;

5. No decarburization occurs during heat treatment;

6, very convenient to set the processing line status in line with customer needs;

7. After induction heat treatment technology, the tube/bar can obtain very good straightness after quenching and tempering treatment, which means that it does not cost a lot of money to purchase heavy-duty straightening equipment (can straighten high-strength quenching and back Fire material), no additional process is required to process the material (straightening process).

8. Energy loss and related expenses only exist in effective production;

9, very low maintenance costs, do not need long downtime maintenance.

Summary of technical parameters of steel pipe heat treatment equipment production line


Control System

Supporting power supply

Φ 10- Φ 28mm

PLC intelligent control


Φ 42- Φ 48mm

PLC intelligent control


Φ 30- Φ 60mm

PLC intelligent control


Φ 30- Φ 60mm

PLC intelligent control


Φ 35- Φ 60mm

PLC intelligent control


Φ 30- Φ 110mm

PLC intelligent control


Φ 80- Φ 110mm

PLC intelligent control


Customized production according to the actual needs of customers


What is the composition of steel pipe heat treatment equipment?

The steel pipe heat treatment equipment line is composed of a feeding mechanism, a conveying roller, a quenching induction heating system, a spraying system, a tempering induction heating system, a discharging mechanism, an induction heating power supply, and a PLC main control console. Other devices can be The actual situation is chosen.

Which industry is used for quenching and tempering

Application fields of column quenching and tempering line: blade quenching and tempering production line for engineering machinery industry, quenching and tempering production line for auto parts for automobile industry, oil drilling rod quenching and tempering production line for petroleum industry, mining machinery Steel rod steel plate quenching and tempering production line, rail quenching and tempering production line for railway industry, wind power bolt quenching and tempering production line for wind power industry, etc.

  The performance characteristics of steel pipe heat treatment equipment :

1. The quenching and tempering production line has simple structure and reliable performance, which can meet different heat treatment processing requirements, and the equipment is easy to operate and convenient to maintain;

2. The processed products are beautiful in appearance and strong in production capacity. Adopting the principle of electromagnetic induction heating , the processed product has excellent quality, uniform heating and small temperature difference of the core surface;

3, quenching and tempering production line production line control system advanced, precise control, automatic control system provides manual control, feed control, constant power control and other modes of operation to choose from. The automatic monitoring system can know the running status of the equipment in real time, which is beneficial to the performance of the equipment;

4, structural optimization design, long service life, quenching and tempering production line induction coil heating workpiece non-contact, no friction, high reliability, extending the service life of the equipment;

5, quenching and tempering production line equipment operating costs are low, split structure design, reduce equipment occupation of the workshop space, equipment components and reasonable layout of maintenance and maintenance is simple and convenient, lower operating costs.

what is the configuration of steel pipe heat treatment equipment ?

The user needs are different and the configuration is different. The basic configuration of the sucker rod quenching and tempering production line includes: induction heating system, storage rack (loading rack and discharge rack), induction heating power supply (IGBT induction heating power supply or KGPS). Induction heating power supply, PLC console, etc., other options: infrared thermometer, power transformer, cooling tower, etc. These can be professionally produced for the production of sucker rod quenching and tempering line manufacturers, they will provide detailed design solutions according to demand.

Basic configuration of steel pipe heat treatment equipment

Serial number





S11-630kvA power transformer

1 set


Thyristor intermediate frequency power supply KGPS- 5 0 0/1

1 set


Quenching transformer

1 set



Quenching induction heater

Includes water cooled rails

3 .1

GTR 18

1 set


GTR 25

1 set


GTR 29

1 set


GTR 36

1 set



Tempering induction heater

Includes water cooled rails

4 .1

GTR 18

1 set


GTR 25

1 set


GTR 29

1 set


GTR 36

1 set


Quenching induction heater bed

1 set


Tempering induction heater bed

1 set


Feeding bed

1 set


Cutting end bed


Feeding mechanism


Cutting mechanism


Drive roller mechanism


Press roller feeding device

1 set


Quenching water spray device


Electrical control core

1 set

14 . 1

Configuration Software

(MCGS system)

1 set

14 . 2

Programmable controller (SIEMENS SIMATIC S 14 - 300)

1 set

14 . 3

LCD screen

1 set

14 . 4

Double colorimetric infrared thermometer (Retro, USA)

1 set

14 . 5

Photoelectric switch

4 sets

14 . 6

Control cabinet (including variable frequency drive equipment)

1 set

14 . 7


1 set


Cooling water system ( ZXZ - 60T ) section

1 set

Water pipe ppr

Water cooling tower within 10 meters from the power cabinet


IF power incoming copper busbar

1 set


Installation and commissioning of electrical and waterways

1 set



1 set


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