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Introduce:The selection method of the quenching equipment of the milling machine guide rail, the outstanding features of the quenching equipment of the milling guide rail, and the quenching equipment of the milling guide rail consists of four parts. Milling machine guide quenching machine → basic parameters,heat treatment of large machine tool rail surface how to quench?
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First, the milling machine guide quenching equipment outstanding features:

1 . The high frequency quenching layer is too shallow, the intermediate frequency quenching layer is too deep and easy to deform. Our company's super audio equipment is suitable for rail quenching. And the quenching layer is moderate, the speed is fast, and the double rails are quenched at one time.

2 . The sensor connection structure is simple and convenient, the gap is easy to adjust, the guide wheel is positioned to avoid sparking.

3 . The control cabinet is integrated with the transformer cabinet, which is convenient to install, convenient for the platform and flexible to move.

4. The machine has three-dimensional motion, which solves the hidden troubles of the customer's work tooling, inconvenience, long time and so on.

5. The machine has its own cooling system, and the coolant is the car coolant. This solves the problems of long time, inconvenience and freezing in the winter.

6 . This machine is self-propelled, especially suitable for larger and heavier guide rails and bed surfaces, such as gantry milling, gantry milling, large lathes, etc.

7 . It is also suitable for quenching of milling machine accessories such as milling machine bed surfaces .


Second, the milling machine guide quenching machine consists of four major components:

1 ) IGBT super audio power supply;

2 ) Special quenching and milling machine for AG-1 high-precision milling machine guide rail ;

3 ) BZ-1 self-type quenching and milling machine ;

4 ) Chiller.

Third, the milling machine guide quenching machine → basic parameters are as follows:

1. Rated power: 80KW and 120KW are used for quenching of milling machine guide rails, which is convenient for applications such as larger section milling machine guide rails and gear quenching.

2 , walking speed: double rail together quenching: 200-400mm / min (depending on the size of the section) as the original milling machine factory, the old-fashioned 100KW thyristor intermediate frequency walking speed of 140mm / min. Use our company's milling machine guide quenching machine to travel at a speed of300mm/ min.

3 , milling machine guide quenching equipment type 120 hardened layer depth: 2-4mm or so, and can be determined according to the manufacturer's process parameters.

Fourth, how to heat the surface of the large machine tool guide rail quenching ?

The quenching method of the cast iron guide rail has high frequency, medium frequency induction hardening, contact resistance heating quenching and flame heating quenching.

The use of trolley-type high-frequency quenching machines for quenching large machine tool guide rails has great advantages. The characteristic of the trolley type high-frequency quenching machine is that it is easy to increase the stroke, and it is convenient to carry out the quenching of the large-scale machine tool guide surface. If the size range of the trolley is exceeded, the track can be laid long enough to drive the trolley to the high-frequency outdoor, so that For processing large rails.

In the case of large-size heavy-duty machine tool guides, the production unit will of course modify the quenching machine to suit the needs of the part processing.

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