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Induction melting furnace cooling water circuit operation instructions

Time: 2019-08-09

a. Induction melting furnace must check whether the valves of each cooling water channel are opened before starting each time. Before starting the machine, all cooling water systems must be turned on.

b. First open the external circulating water system, and observe whether the water pressure and temperature meet the requirements;

c. Open the inner circulating water system again, and observe whether the water pressure and temperature meet the requirements. If it does not meet the requirements, adjust it in time;

d. After the cooling water is completely cycled, the electric furnace can be started to melt;

e. After the end of melting, the intermediate frequency power supply is cut off, the water switch (internal cooling circulation system) can be turned off, but the external circulating water supplied to the furnace body must continue to operate (after the furnace is shut down, the furnace lining and induction coil of the furnace still have high temperature. Continue cooling) until the furnace cools.

f. When there is a power outage or the main motor fails, the emergency backup cooling water unit should be turned on immediately. The furnace body and the induction coil of the induction melting furnace are guaranteed to flow through a certain amount of water to achieve a cooling effect.


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