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Intermediate frequency furnace shutdown emergency plan

Time: 2019-08-09

Objective: To strengthen on-site technical management, standardize the operation of intermediate frequency furnace smelting, and prevent safety accidents.

Phenomenon: The emergency shutdown of the intermediate frequency furnace is mainly caused by sudden water stoppage, power outage and furnace wear, and leakage of the furnace. Then it is the phenomenon of burnout or thyristor burnout caused by overpressure.

Reason: water stop, power outage, furnace, furnace, insurance or thyristor burnout.

Hazard: 1 water stop (water stop emergency plan), 2 power outage (blackout emergency plan), 3 furnace, leak furnace will burn the induction coil, make the sensor copper tube rupture, molten iron and cooling water contact and explode, resulting in Major equipment accidents or casualties.

Handling: 1 cut off the power supply (at the same time, when the shift monitor informs the dispatcher, the workshop director). 2 Close the circulating water valve to prevent the molten iron from colliding with the cooling water. 3 pour molten iron in the emergency bunker. 4 The production class assists in blowing the furnace with the air duct, so that the temperature of the furnace is lowered, and the personnel are arranged to extinguish the fire with the fire extinguisher to the bottom of the furnace. 5 Re-circulate the water, cool the coil, and place the bucket in the water seepage position of the coil to receive water.

Prevention: (1) From the beginning of road construction, special personnel should be managed to ensure that each furnace lining is consistent. No debris or iron filings are allowed to enter the knot. (2) Before each feeding, carefully check whether the furnace lining has cracks. Perforation may cause the phenomenon of wearing the furnace. If there is any problem, it must be treated. If there is a transverse crack in the inspection, the furnace lining must be re-barbed.

Rescue measures: In the event of a leak or a furnace, the power supply of the intermediate frequency furnace control cabinet should be cut off immediately, and the molten iron should be dumped in the spare bunker in front of the furnace.

Emergency steps: power outage---turning the furnace to the molten iron---the shift monitor informed the dispatcher and the workshop director.


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