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Medium frequency heating furnace rectifier transformer structure description

Time: 2019-07-16

Medium frequency heating furnace rectifier transformer structure description

Equipped with a dedicated 12- pulse rectifier transformer, the parameters are as follows:

image.png1, input voltage: 10KV ;

2, the output voltage: 380V ;

3, wiring mode: △ / △ , or 丫-11 ;

4, the incoming line voltage ± 5% adjustable;

5, capacity: 420 KVA ;

6. When the rated power output of the whole set is running, the harmonic current injected into the public power grid and the harmonic voltage in the public power grid comply with the GB/ T 14549-93 standard.

7, the winding of the transformer can meet the electrical parameters of the furnace when the furnace cold material starts and allows short-term power overload.

8, In addition to other accessories, the transformer has four wheels on the lower part for easy installation and maintenance.

9, the transformer is manufactured by a nationally recognized regular transformer manufacturer.

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