Portable smelting thermometer for melting furnace

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  The portable smelting thermometer is a high-precision special instrument specially developed for the rapid measurement of molten metal temperature in the smelting process of smelting, casting and other industries.

The portable smelting thermometer is a high-precision special instrument specially developed for the rapid measurement of molten metal temperature in the smelting process of smelting, casting and other industries.

This series of instruments takes high-performance single-chip microcomputer as the core, adopts high-precision measurement sensor parts, and adopts various intelligent processing technologies to ensure long-term stable operation of the instrument. Improve the anti-interference ability of the instrument.


This series of instruments and compatible thermocouples can be used for precise and rapid temperature measurement in a variety of melting applications.Second, the characteristics

The portable smelting thermometer adopts the integrated design of the thermometer and the temperature measuring gun. According to the characteristics of the smelting temperature measurement, the working environment is harsh and the temperature is high, the shock-proof and high-brightness LED digital tube display and the full metal casing design are adopted, so durable.

This instrument has:

1. The temperature value is automatically maintained when the temperature is measured.

2, the light, beep sound prompts the end of the temperature measurement (lift the test gun) function.

3. Alarm function such as break, over-range, power supply undervoltage.

4. The power supply uses a nickel-metal hydride rechargeable battery (the temperature can be measured thousands of times after a single charge).

5. Turn on the power. When there is no signal input for 2 minutes, the power function will be automatically disconnected.

This instrument can be used with 5 types of thermocouples.

This instrument has excellent anti-interference ability due to its anti-interference measures. When the intermediate frequency furnace is energized and smelted without power supply, the temperature can be measured in the furnace.


Third, installation, operation

1. Installation of test gun:

Open the packing box, take out the three sections of the test gun, hold the copper head section by hand, and then screw them one by one in order to avoid twisting the compensation wire and breaking the welding. There should be no swaying feeling after tightening.

Carefully connect the two-pin plug in the barrel to the same type of two-pin plug in the connection sleeve on the portable smelting thermometer (make sure the signal plug is inserted into the socket when the signal plug is inserted into the socket), then insert the test gun into the connecting sleeve and use the head screw Tighten.

2. Operation of portable smelting thermometer:

Press the power switch (ON/OFF) on the instrument panel, the display will immediately display “”, and then display the type of thermocouple to be used (for S type, / for R type, / for type B, / for WRe3/25, / for type K)

When the thermocouple is not inserted, the instrument displays “ ”. When the thermocouple is plugged in and the contact is good, the instrument displays the ambient temperature (the instrument with the B index number displays “”), and the temperature measurement can be performed at this time. When measuring temperature, the thermocouple is inserted into the metal liquid, and the depth is ≥20mm, which is fast, accurate and stable. When the measurement indicator (H) is on (there is a sound and light prompt), the temperature gun should be lifted immediately (usually 3 to 5 seconds). The instrument automatically displays and maintains the measured temperature value.

Replace the used thermocouple and insert a new thermocouple (unplug it even if it is not damaged, stop it slightly, reinsert the test gun) and re-measure the temperature.

The instrument displays “-1” indicating that the thermocouple is not plugged in or inserted, and the paper tube is pushed or rotated slightly to make the contact good.

The meter displays the "-000" input signal reversed.

The meter displays the “1” input signal out of range.

The meter displays “HELP” to indicate that the battery is under voltage.

After the meter is measured, it should be shut down in time to avoid battery waste.

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