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Induction furnace working order

Time: 2019-07-25

Induction furnace working order


1 ,                      Manually send the material to the heating area under the crane (feed vertically). After the crane in the heating zone walks in place, firstly open the jaws through the middle hydraulic cylinder of the mechanical claw, and then drive the electric hoist to lower the jaws by about 700 mm , and then tighten the middle hydraulic cylinder of the mechanical jaws (return to the original position). At this time, the mechanical jaws will clamp the material tightly and send it to the induction heating furnace .

2 ,    Induction heating furnace

a ,    The furnace is designed to be vertical in order to make the material heating more uniform.

b ,    In order to make feeding and retrieving convenient and safe, the bottom of the furnace is provided with a movable bottom support. Through the hydraulic cylinder, the material can be raised by 1200mm , so that the material is exposed to the surface of the furnace 300mm .

c ,    The total length of the inductor design is 2,500 mm . In order to make the heating efficiency higher, the circumference of the coil is provided with a yoke (to prevent magnetic leakage).

d ,   The top of the stove is also equipped with a rotary furnace cover (to prevent heat dissipation), and an infrared thermometer is also provided on the furnace cover, so that the temperature display can be seen at any time.

e ,    When the crane feeds the material to the top of the furnace: one is to unscrew the furnace cover, and the other is to raise the furnace bottom to the highest position and slowly place the material to the center of the furnace. The mechanical jaw intermediate cylinder jaws are again opened by manual operation. Drive the electric hoist, raise the mechanical claw to a certain position, and drive the crane away.

f ,     Drive the lifting cylinder and lower the material to the specified position of 1200mm . At this time, start the power supply and start heating. After reaching the set heating temperature, when the material is taken, the furnace cover is also unscrewed and the bottom of the furnace is raised. The jaws are opened by a mechanical claw intermediate hydraulic cylinder. After the jaws are in place, the middle hydraulic cylinder of the mechanical jaws will contract the jaws, drive the electric hoist, and hang the heated workpiece.

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