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Electromagnetic heater for food drying

Time: 2019-07-05

Traditional food machinery and equipment, such as wok, are generally heated by coal, gas or electric heating. These heaters are slow to heat and consume high energy. Here, the electromagnetic heater manufacturer for food drying introduces food drying. Electromagnetic heaters, food machinery equipment using electromagnetic heaters for food drying in our company , have the following advantages: 

1, the temperature rise fast, faster than 30% longer than the resistive; 

2 , in line with environmental protection, does not pollute the environment, giving the staff a good working environment. 

3 , thermal efficiency of up to 95% , make full use of energy. 

4 , saving production costs. 

5 , intelligent control of temperature, to achieve the function of burning gas can not control the temperature freely. 

6. It is extremely safe to reduce the safety hazards of operational accidents.

7, using the electromagnetic induction third generation digital DSP Technology Company substantially heating control technology, long life of 50,000 hours or more design concept outer appearance, easy to install, easy to fail.

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