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Induction melting furnace copper row repairing method

Time: 2019-08-09

1. Inductive melting furnace is inadvertently operated when pouring, or the nozzle is too short, and the splashing iron adheres to the copper row to burn through;

2. After the induction lining furnace lining is burned through, the molten iron overflow causes the copper platoon to burn through. After the copper platoon is burnt through, the cooling water will overflow and must be immediately repaired. Since the copper bars are installed in the furnace shell, the welding repair is inconvenient and needs to be removed and removed during the repair. Jiuli believes that the previous copper platoon repair process has to waste at least one lining, which is quite time consuming. Here is a sticky method for everyone to save maintenance costs. For the first reason, the copper row burns through, and the furnace can be temporarily shut down. At the same time, the copper piece of 1~2mm thickness is cut into small pieces, the area should be slightly larger than the area of the copper discharge crack, and then removed by saw blade or hand grinding wheel. The residue of the copper platoon is burnt and cleaned with sandpaper, and the shaped epoxy resin is quickly mixed with the curing agent, and the trimmed copper piece is stuck in the copper row cracking place, and after a few minutes, the epoxy resin is solidified. A high copper bond strength is formed and the furnace can be re-opened. For the second reason caused by the copper row burn through, the repair process is as follows: tilting the furnace iron → stopping the furnace → repairing the furnace lining → copper row bonding + opening furnace. This repair process also saves a lining and a large amount of man-hours and oven power compared to conventional weld repairs.

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