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induction melting furnace yoke description

Time: 2019-08-08

induction melting  furnace yoke: The induction melting  furnace yoke is a yoke laminated with silicon steel sheets. It is uniformly distributed around the supply coil. The function of the yoke is to constrain the leakage flux of the induction coil to spread outward and improve the induction heating. Efficiency, in addition to magnetic shielding, reduces the heat generation of metal parts such as the hob, and also acts as a fixed inductor. The content of si is 4.5%; the thickness is 0.35 mm; the magnetic permeability is above 10,000 gauss; the grain oriented silicon steel sheet.

Has: 1, low iron loss. 2 magnetic induction is high. 3. The stacking factor is high. The surface of the silicon steel sheet is smooth, flat and uniform in thickness, and the superposition coefficient is high.


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